February 19, 2021

During the last few years of Ayda’s life, she enjoyed keeping her friends, family, and students updated through her blog, facebook, instagram, and twitter. When she took the time to write, it is important to reflect and find meaning in what she wanted to tell us. She had a deep desire to serve. She was battling something and knew others would face the same challenges and tragic circumstances. She wanted very much to share with cancer survivors how she found hope, peace, and understanding. Ayda’s mindset, vision, and process can be applied to all cultures (religions, beliefs, attitudes, values, and behaviors).

Christianity was at the core of Ayda’s emotional healing process. She developed a relationship with Jesus. This strategy was Ayda’s happiness. It was her toolkit and her protection. She had zero worries and never wanted anyone to feel sorry for her or her family. She understood and accepted her purpose. In her instagram account she would post inspirational messages usually in the form of bible verses or inspirational quotes. These messages were meaningful for Ayda. She would post these inspirational quotes after being in prayer, study, and meditation.

She kept study journals. She enjoyed taking notes and reflecting on her thoughts during a sermon on Sunday or personal study and meditation sessions.

Ayda’s relationship, belief, and trust gave her strength physically and emotionally.

I have read several studies relating to happiness, life fulfillment, satisfaction, and survival rates with variables in culture (values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors). As you can probably imagine, positive influences in culture correlate positively with happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, and survival rates.

I believe it is essential to find something that you believe in. Learn about it, study it, focus on it, meditate on it. There are so many cultures in this world. Find something that works for you, that makes you happy. Let Ayda’s model help guide your own process.

The Love of My Life