update 🌷

March 14, 2018

Hello everyone, here with an update. The first thing I have to say is that I’m fine and I feel very calm. My situation, although in words sounds like a death sentence, it’s not yet. There is hope and treatments for me. At this time the lung cancer grew again, but it is not super advanced (contained to the left lung and cerebellum), so we still have medicine to fight it. In the back of my head I have something that can be an infection, or it can be cancer in the bone. I probably have to have a biopsy to know what treatment we are going to do, but whatever the answer is, there are still ways to treat it so there is still hope. Cancer in the head is not the end, we need perspective. Tomorrow, I start chemotherapy, and although it is a very uncomfortable process I am willing to do everything that medicine allows me to fight against cancer and do it with the best attitude. When I receive bad news from my exams, I always worry about sharing them because I feel that others suffer more than me. I invite everyone to grow in faith and trust, believing that my life is in the hands of God and think thoughts of joy and hope. We all carry burdens, mine is only more visible than others. The battle has not been lost, there is still strength to fight.

If you want to hear the song that is inspiring me lately click here.