Living by faith

May 12, 2016

Living by faith is definitely easier said than done. When I was 20 I thought that meant to trust that the right man would find me and I could have my own happily ever after.

Almost two decades later l find myself searching for strength in my faith to believe that even through the great challenges that our family has faced I am walking in the plan of God.

Ironically, my two most likely options are: 1. Be absolutely outraged with Him or 2. surrender completely to Him. To truly believe that He is in control, that all my troubles are part of His perfect plan for my life.

After trying both options in my life I have learned that is like every thing in life, if it is too easy it has not value.

Praising God through the pain and my cry will always be a challenge but it has also been my biggest reward!

I know now that I can lose so much and still find joy and peace, but I don’t want to EVER lose the peace, the joy and the eternal promise that my Lord brings to my heart.

If my difficulty has allowed me to be His instrument to show His amazing grace, power and love, why would I feel that my pain is a waist. I’m not saying that just by my suffering God can be glorified but that seeing the brightness of His light after the darkness of my pain has been without a doubt the most amazing experience that I have had.

I put my life in His hands now and every day and rest on His wonderful ways for me.