July 10, 2014

The year before my cancer was found for first time I was going through the worst time in life that I can remember. My husband had lost his job; we had lost our home and our family was struggling to adapt to a complete new environment… my faith was crumbling. I thought I had made the right choices and did not deserve everything that was happening to us. Hope was gone and bitterness had taken its place in my heart. I raised my fist to God and demanded an explanation because I was ready to quit.

Sometime at the end of August, later that same year, I found myself in an oncologist office receiving terrible news. My perspective completely changed. Suddenly everything that had happened to us seemed so insignificant. All I wanted was another chance, I realized that I had so much to enjoy life and just wanted the time in earth to do it.

Today is my first year anniversary cancer free. I remember the days I was in surgery, in chemo, in radiation praying for this day to come.

At what point in life do we lose perspective? When do we forget that every day is a gift and problems are just distractions? I am celebrating those extra days in life that I thought would never come but why was I before so distracted by my problems?

My eyes now are set on today, every day I wake up and remember those sad moment when I thought I was not going to take my kids to school, make them lunch, celebrate their birthdays. Still, some days “distractions” come in my way and I pray to God that I keep remembering how I felt those days, alone with Him in prayer, begging for these days.

I love my life and the difficulties have only made me love it more. I am thankful for the storm that brought me this rainbow.

July 10, 2013 I was in surgery and a cancer tumor was removed from my brain. Today I am celebrating 365 days without cancer. Some of those days were not perfect but God gave me the chance to be here and fight to make them better. I am thankful for that and I am determined to make each day count.