We need hope!

April 10, 2013

This afternoon I mentioned to the nurse how excited I was about having only 2 more chemo therapies left and how I don’t think I could have done this any longer. She mentioned that a guy in the next cubicle had been going through chemotherapy for 3 years, that just broke my heart.  

It made me realize that cancer as a chronic illness does not only slowly hurts your body but can crash your spirit too.  How can you fight this? I think all we have left is hope. Hope that there is a future and knowing that someone else has made it can help us believe we also can. 

When I was diagnosed I tried to read and research a lot about lung cancer. Finding out about the small percentage of people that survive 5 years depressed me, therefore I constantly was looking for survivor stories in a desperate search of hope. It was not easy to find testimonies of lung cancer survivors that made it past those 5 years but I did find a few and some that have made it past 10. I don’t even know those people but they gave me strength through those days when the  side effects came and I was feeling so sick!

Today I want to tell you that my tests look good and that doctors feel very positive about my future, it was a difficult fight but is worth to know that I will go back to plan a long life again. It is worth to kick cancers butt. 

So if you know someone that goes through this battle please let them know that there is hope of healing and of course we still are praying for a cure but until then we have to fight with everything we have. Pass it around, success stories give hope for those days when we think we cant do it anymore.