Biopsy Results

October 9, 2012

Dear family and friends,

Yesterday we met with the oncologist and biopsy results confirmed what other tests had suggested about the tumor being cancer. The good news is that the tumor was completely removed during the surgery. Now we are looking to a 4 -6 month period of chemotherapy to reduce the risk of any other problems caused by the tumor before the surgery.

My recovery has been nothing but incredible,God blessed me with a very talented surgeon, friends and family that have been spoiling me, and a healthy body that has responded positively to a lot of care. Please keep us in your prayers so my body and soul keep getting stronger until this small trial is over. A few months of difficulty cannot overcome a lifetime of happiness so there is nothing to be sad about. I have to add that during this past months I have seen the kindness and love from people in many places and through a situation that maybe we all always fear I actually have seen how blessed I am and how much I do have, so thank you for everyone that has been part of this time of tribulation.